Virginia Immigration Lawyers: Opening Doors to the American Dream

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At one time, America opened its doors wide and welcomed immigrants from around the globe, a policy which led to tremendous economic and societal advancement, and which helped the United States become a global superpower. Unfortunately, today America’s doors are often unjustly closed to many innocent and deserving foreign nationals, with far-reaching consequences for families and businesses across the United States.

At Dyer Immigration Law Group, our attorneys and staff are dedicated to opening America's doors to foreign nationals seeking to reunite with their families, to apply for humanitarian relief, and to bring their talents, education, and entrepreneurial drive to our economy.

We are dedicated exclusively to the practice of immigration law and specialize in the full range of immigration issues. We have decades of experience helping individuals and businesses to achieve their immigration goals through innovative solutions and effective client-focused advocacy. We have the experience, the reputation, and the expertise to handle virtually any immigration issue for businesses, families, and individuals.

Whether you are seeking a green card or a temporary visa for yourself, a family member, or an employee, we would be happy to speak to you about the many options which may be available.

Call us toll free at 1.877.377.1247 to schedule an appointment at our office in Richmond. We speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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