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Labor Certification for Employment-Based Permanent Residence

Labor certification is typically a first step in the process of obtaining permanent residence based on employment. It requires a determination from the U.S. Department of Labor that there are no qualified U.S. workers available to fill the particular position and that no U.S. workers will be displaced due to the hiring of a foreign worker.

While other employment-based visas, such as the H-1B visa, are great temporary options, this type of certification is ideal for U.S. employers who wish to hire a foreign worker on a more permanent basis. For foreign nationals, a Labor Certification is used if they are seeking residence on the basis of employment, rather than family relationship.

Dyer Immigration Law Group can help you navigate the Labor Certification process.

The strict requirements for Labor Certification start with the employer. In order to qualify a job opportunity for Labor Certification, the employer must follow a well-documented recruitment campaign that varies based on the type of position. Our experienced immigration attorneys can help your company satisfy the Department of Labor’s requirements for Labor Certification. Once the job opportunity is qualified, we help businesses navigate the filing period, including filing documentary evidence and, later, immigrant petitions for employees. At Dyer Immigration Law Group, P.C., our attorneys and staff are dedicated to helping businesses through every step of the Labor Certification process.

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Call us toll free at 1.877.377.1247 to schedule an appointment at our office in Richmond, Virginia. We speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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