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The Extraordinary Ability Visa

An O-1 visa is used to bring foreigners at the very top of the arts, sciences, sports, education, business, or television industries into the United States for work for an initial period of up to three years. It is most commonly used by companies who need to bring someone with extraordinary ability into the U.S. for work purposes. Extensions beyond the initial three-year period are available should the company need the person to stay longer.

To qualify for an O-1 visa, the applicant must demonstrate evidence of sustained national or international acclaim. The application process is split into categories, O-1A and O-1B, depending on the category that the applicant has achieved acclaim in. For example, O-1A is intended for individuals with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletic fields, while O-1B is intended for individuals in motion picture or television productions. Depending on the category, different levels of evidence are required to apply.

Dyer Immigration Law Group can help you navigate the O-1 Visa application process.

On average, the O-1 visa application process is faster than other visas, but there are still numerous requirements for both the applicant and company to fulfill in order to be considered.

At Dyer Immigration Law Group, P.C., we assist U.S. companies as well as foreign nationals obtain O-1 visas. Our immigration attorneys understand the required documentation necessary to prove extraordinary ability for both O-1A and O-1B visas and can help you navigate the application process. Whether you’re applying for an O-1 visa or an extension, Dyer Immigration Law Group is here to help.

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Call us toll free at 1.877.377.1247 to schedule an appointment at our office in Richmond, Virginia. We speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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