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U.S. Citizenship is generally obtained either by birth or naturalization. At Dyer Immigration Law Group, P.C., we know that for many immigrants, the ultimate dream is to become a United States citizen. Our immigration attorneys will help you achieve that dream by thoroughly reviewing your eligibility requirements, advocating on your behalf if there are contested issues, and ensuring that your application is accurately filed and properly handled.

Naturalization: Generally, to apply for naturalization to become a U.S. citizen you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have been a lawful permanent resident (green card holder) for at least 5 years (or 3 years if married to and living with a U.S. citizen, or if obtained permanent residency due to battery or extreme cruelty);
  • Have been physically present in the United States for at least one-half of the 5 years (or one-half of the 3 years, if applicable as above);
  • Have resided in the U.S. continuously for the last 5 years (or 3 years if applicable as above);
  • Have been a person of good moral character for 5 years (or 3 years if applicable as above), and in certain circumstances, the Service may look beyond these time periods;
  • Are at least 18 years old;
  • Can demonstrate knowledge of the English language and U.S. history and government;
  • Will promise to support the Constitution, obey the laws of the United States, renounce any foreign allegiances, and be willing to bear arms or to perform noncombatant service or work of national importance if required by law.

As with all laws and regulations, there may be applicable exceptions or additional requirements depending on the circumstances of the case. Notably, various grounds may render a person ineligible for naturalization for lack of good moral character, and an individual with a prior criminal history could also be subject to removal or deportation. If you believe you may be ineligible based on any requirement, and particularly if you have a criminal conviction, it is very important to consult with an immigration attorney before filing .

If you believe you may already be a U.S. citizen (for instance, if either of your parents naturalized before you turned 18, or if either if your grandparents or parents were citizens before you were born), we can help you investigate your claim to citizenship and obtain a Certificate of Citizenship.

Our immigration attorneys will help guide you on the path to U.S. citizenship. Call us toll free at 1.877.377.1247 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. Our deportation lawyers speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Se Habla Español.

Call us toll free at 1.877.377.1247 to schedule an appointment at our office in Richmond, Virginia. We speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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